results from some of my clients

Here are a few of my clients success stories. These results were achieved through tailored nutrition and training programmes to suit the individual coupled with their dedication and hard work.

Case Study - Hayley (Age-23)

Hayley began training with me with aspirations of losing stubborn post pregnancy body fat, whilst improving the overall shape of her body. Hayley wanted to be active again, whilst benefitting from the psychological and emotional benefits that a regular training program can bring.

After 3 months of regular training in the gym, and also having a greater understanding of how nutrition relates to her body composition she has achieved and even surpassed her initial goals.

Testimonial - Grace (Age 25 - Islington)

"I couldn’t recommend Dan highly enough, I have been training with him for a few months now and have seen such great results. Dan has personalised my training and nutrition plan to my suit me and my lifestyle and most importantly has made it fun and varied so that I’ve kept motivated and not given up. I have really enjoyed working with him and look forward to continuing to reach my end goal with his guidance."

Testimonial - George (Age 50 - St.John's Wood)

“At 50 I wanted to find a trainer that could help me get fit, lose weight, enjoy my workouts and most importantly avoid injury when playing tennis. My shoulder aches and neck stiffness are a thing of the past thanks to Dan’s great knowledge of corrective exercise. As well as this Dan has helped me with my diet and nutrition. A real lifestyle change!”

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