Through my education and experience I have acquired specialist skill sets which allow me to prescribe and deliver specific training and nutritional programs. Some of my specialist areas are explained below...


Bootcamps are sure to get the results you desire in a fun and dynamic way. Get fit with a group of friends with my 45 minute intense, full body blitz. With the support of friends or work colleagues, bootcamps are the perfect way to shape and tone up in a short space of time, or even in your lunchbreak. My Bootcamps take place either at Paddington Recreation ground in Maida Vale or at the Albany Club, Regent’s park.


I have experience in training women who suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and can shape specific exercise and nutritional programs to tackle and ultimately alleviate the symptoms. For women who suffer from PCOS, diet and exercise is absolutely crucial to managing the excess insulin which is the catalyst to a number of undesired traits such as weight gain, excess hair growth, lack of menstruation/ovulation. Through my tailored PCOS programs women can begin to control the effects, see positive changes mentally as well as physically, and reverse the symptoms of this sometimes very stubborn syndrome naturally and without the use of medication.


Have you got a specific sporting event in the near future? Whether it’s a marathon, a triathlon, a charity run or you’re part of a sports team and wish to increase strength and get faster, I can tailor make a training regime to ensure ultimate performance when it comes to D-day. Goals will be set and monitored, endurance and strength will be increased, all complimented by individual nutrition programmes to accelerate your success.